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Real ward scenarios

Wards all have slightly different patient criticality types (Ward A - Highest Patient Risk to Ward E - Lowset Patient Risk), bellow you can find a full list of demo wards to give a go. 

Please Note: Unassigned wards do not have any demo patients assigned.

Ward A

Role Username Password
Doctor dale dale
HCA hal hal
Nurse nasir nasir
Ward Manager waino waino

Ward B

Role Username Password
Doctor dalvin dalvin
HCA hampton hampton
Nurse neely neely
Ward Manager waldermar waldermar

Ward C

Role Username Password
Doctor dameon dameon
HCA hardin hardin
Nurse newman newman
Ward Manager waldo waldo

Ward D

Role Username Password
Doctor damen damen
HCA harlow harlow
Nurse nicolas nicolas
Ward Manager walker walker

Ward E

Role Username Password
Doctor dandre dandre
HCA harrold harrold
Nurse nim nim
Ward Manager wallace wallace


Role Username Password
Doctor dabney dabney
HCA haden haden
Nurse najee najee
Ward Manager wade wade

Whole organistion scenarios

If you like to see an overview of a few wards and see how we could help you with overall patient safety select a senior manager from the table bellow. 

Senior Managers

Wards Username Password
A, B, C sabastian sabastian
D, E sage sage
A, B, C, D, E saint saint

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