Identify Capture Act

Open-eObs aids front-line users to freely organise their workload within the boundaries of the trust policy with clear time and risk indicators. Observations will automatically generate tasks based on hospital policy and are immediately assessable throughout the hospital.

Task List 

Clearly display only the ordered information you need. See the real-time task countdown along with locations allowing you to effectively plan your time.  

Charts, Tables and Graphs 

See your assigned patients history in a format to suit you before you arrive at their bedside. Zoom in on graphs, pinpoint exact moments in time.  

We Don't Just do NEWS

Our intuitive observation entry is not just limited to NEWS. We can provide a rich set of observation types to ensure all your patient records are accessible and available on one system. 

Additional Observations

  • Glasgow Coma Scale 
  • Bristol Stool Index
  • Visual Infusion Phlebitis Score (VIPS)
  • Devices
  • Blood Product, Height and Weight
  • Blood Sugar
  • Postural Blood Pressure
  • And many more

Device-Specific Features

Through our partnerships, we can provide you with the hardware you need. 

Miocare GS1 Compliant 

Easy to Clean 

Miocare devices are IP 54 rated meaning it's easy to keep them as clean as your environment. 

Barcode Scanning  

Positive patient identification with wristband bar code scanning (GS1 compliant).

NFC Single Touch Log-in

For NFC-enabled device take advantage of our secure one-touch login.