Nurse in Charge

Order, Organise and Manage

Open-eOobs makes it easy for your to ensure every patient on your ward has at least one designated nurse and HCA. Avoid over stretching staff with real-time visual feedback of changes to the patient risk profile on your ward.

Smart Wards make Safer Hospitals

Ensure the hospital management team have a complete picture of the patient safety at the desired level of granularity. 

  • Real-time view of all patients on your ward. 
  • At a glance, easily identify patients Clinical Risk by familiar traffic light colours.
  • Quickly identify patients with late observations or missing escalation responses

From Data to Document

It's easy to create printed or digital reports from all of our observation types, simply select the type and period of time and press print. Save time and generate all the required discharge documentation from inside the patient view. 

  • Documentation for clinical audit
  • Provide all the needed documentation for patient transfers 
  • Automatically generate documents for your business continuity