Integration Configuration 

Open e-Obs is built on an advanced open source business application platform and delivers the solution now for the identified challenges in Health Care IT of the future.

Any Device

Open-eObs runs on any mobile device.
It is possible that some visual configuration may be required.

Our strong preferrence are Miocare devices because:

  • Miocare devices are IP 54 rated meaning it's easy to keep them as clean as your environment.  
  • Positive patient identification with wristband bar code scanning (GS1 compliant).
  • For NFC-enabled device take advantage of our secure one-touch login.
  • Works with various mobile device management solutions. 


Open-eObs integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and your Trust Integration Engine or other systems with Patient Administration functionality. For instance with HL7 ADT messaging.  We are using our open source Resilient NeovaHealth Integration Engine (ARNIE) to do so, but ARNIE itself could be your Trust Integration Engine of the future .

Our experience has taught us, that if on your side you have already an established business driven testing practice for your integration challenges, which can match our BDD (Behaviour Driven Design) approach, then time and cost spent is minimal.